Office Tower | Scheme 1 | Close Up

Our client needed to demonstrate different high rise designs. This 3D render shows a close up of this building featuring a calm, neutral day.

Office Tower | Scheme 1 | Night View

The eye level viewed displayed in this 3D render shows the entire profile of the building in a nighttime setting.

Office Tower | Scheme 1 | Dusk View

The lighting in this 3D render sets the dramatic tone of the whole image. With proper camera set up, we can show the light beating through the center of the structure.

Office tower | Scheme 2 | Close Up

The second version of these schemes. Again, this 3D render displays a closeup of the structure on a calm, neutral day.

Office Tower | Scheme 2 | Night View

This night view displays great reflective properties of the surrounding area. The lighting on the upper half also does a great job showing the color of the glass, as well as the interior of the structure.

Office Tower | Scheme 2 | Dusk View

The mood set in this 3D Render demonstrates a image that is both calm and striking.

Office Tower | Scheme 3 | Close Up

The third 3D design for this building profile features strong reflections of both the sky and neighboring buildings.

Office Tower | Scheme 3 | Night View

The light emitting in this night view brightens the surrounding air space around the structure, giving it a soft glow throughout the night.

Office Tower | Scheme 3 | Dusk View

This 3D render takes on a different effect. The low lighting, gloomy sky and dark tones featured in this image portray a dramatic and visually pleasing image that makes the structure prominent.