Crap Chute Video Promo

This video was shot for the Crap Chute Pooper Scooper brand. The video tells a story of a lonesome poop that was left behind by a dog walker. The poop is disappointed that he was left behind and proceeds to show the viewer different examples of unsuccessfully picking up after your best friend. For this project, we worked with the client to conceptualize multiple ideas before landing with this one. Scripting, story boarding, editing and all graphics were produced in house. Professional voice actors were used for all characters.

Storyboard 01

The following images are the final storyboards used in production.

Storyboard 02

Storyboard 03

Storyboard 04

Storyboard 05

Storyboard 06

Storyboard 07

Storyboard 08

Storyboard 09